Teatteri ILMI Ö. is a touring professional theater that has been operating since 2002. At the core of the theater’s artistic activities is the production of domestic premieres, especially for children and young people, along with extensive audience engagement work. Our mission is to develop new forms of performance including physical, visual, non-text-based as well as participatory performances for children and youth theater, and to implement community theater for seniors and other age groups. We create new participatory and community theater forms through the exploration and documentation of our own work.

Teatteri ILMI Ö. has presented over 50 premieres, the majority of which are targeted at children and young people. We have also undertaken more than 20 long-term art projects, organized four theater festivals, and curated art exhibitions, reaching a wide audience and engaging numerous participants. Our program theme for the years 2020-2027 revolves around nature, environment, climate change, and sustainable development.

Teatteri ILMI Ö. is a theater hybrid that combines various forms of theatrical work. The theater is guided by essential values of community, participation, dialogue, artistic courage, and ecological sustainability. For them, art is a multi-sensory, aesthetic experience, a means of societal participation, and an opportunity for dialogue among diverse individuals.

Teatteri ILMI Ö. was chosen for the City of Helsinki’s Kulttuurin kummilapset program for the years 2021-2027, as well as for the nationwide Taidetestaajat (Art testers) cultural education program for 2022-2023. We have provided performance and workshop activities for Espoo’s Kulttuurikurkkaus service since 2019 and for Tuusula’s Kultsu for two years. Teatteri ILMI Ö. has conducted workshops for the national Myrsky program in child protection and engaged in long-term cultural work with senior citizens in collaboration with the cities of Helsinki and Espoo, as well as with the private sector. Currently, we are involved in the TaideLiikutus community theater projects for senior citizens, organized by the City of Helsinki and the Teatterikeskus/IKO. Teatteri ILMI Ö. was also selected for the Uudet Klassikot (New Classics) project for the years 2022-2025. In this project, we will take our Metsämosaiikki baby theater performance on tour to Tampereen Työväen Teatteri and Kouvolan Kaupunginteatteri.

Teatteri ILMI Ö. has participated in several domestic theater festivals and is planning to apply for international theater festivals in 2023. In 2022, their international partners were Teatteri La Scala from Barcelona and Rijeka Puppet Theater from Croatia. In 2023, Teatteri ILMI Ö. became a member of the international Small Size theater network.

Theatre ILMI Ö. also offers a working space fot other theatre groups or individuals. Our small theatre space in Punavuori, Helsinki is suitable for performances, workshops and festivals.