Theatre ILMI Ö: a 18-year-old theatre-hybrid in Helsinki

Theatre ILMI Ö. was founded in 2002 by a group of drama instructors, graduated from the Department of Drama and Theatre in Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia (nowadays Polytechnic Metropolia). Theatre ILMI Ö. is currently located in Punavuori, Helsinki, in its 3rd theatre venue.

Theatre ILMI Ö. operates in a broad range of roles from classical plays, workshops and community drama to the new methods and forms of devised theatre and performative art.  There are 17 members with a variety of skills and interests. Our specialities are applied drama methods and educational work connected to performances. We also give basic education of arts in theatre for the age groups from 7 to 18. For adults we offer a variety of workshops. 


Theatre ILMI Ö. produces various kinds of performances. Our own productions are based on themes and issues that the group finds contemporary, important and interesting. The theatre also prepares performances for different communities based on the themes and issues of the community.


Community theatre is a form of drama, where the topics and issues are determined by the needs of a certain community, whether it is a village, a school, an office etc. Community theatre has various forms -the main point is that the stories to be handled in the drama processes and/or interactive performances, are told originally by the members of the community at hand. Their issues are focused on the stage and discussed through the forms of community theatre such as playback theatre or forum theatre.


A workshop could be described as functional research of contemporary issues. A workshop is a nice way to broaden the experience of any kind of topic, whether it is a part of school education, a seminar or an extension to a theatre play. In workshops the participants/audience can take actively part in the process at hand, and for instance try acting, improvising or just speak out if one wants to!


Theatre ILMI Ö. has its own theatre school, giving basic education of arts in theatre for the age groups from 7 to 18. Groups meet weekly and the curriculum is built on a continuity of 10 different terms. The education is progressive and aims to develop social, ethical, esthetical, cultural and emotional skills of the students. The school provides the students possibilities to develop their creativity and gives them a basis for a lifetime hobby in the performing arts. Teaching consists of practising various forms of drama-arts, also making a public performance at the end of every term. The basic education in arts is following the curriculum given by the Ministry of Education in Finland.


Theatre ILMI Ö. also offers a working space for other theatre groups or individuals. Our prices are competitive and our small theatre space is suitable for small performances, workshops and festivals.